The most promising singer to look out for this year is Zeddy Znkayoss.

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Facing the gravest of challenges since his early days, he has emerged as a fine rap artist who definitely going to give the jitters to established stars.

The road to success is not an easy one as there are a lot of hurdles which needs to be crossed without much thinking about the consequences. Many successful individuals who have made their mark in distinct fields have gone through the grind and only then have managed to reach such astounding levels of success. These selected breed are seen in every industry where they have carved their own niche by going through hours of hard work and being focussed towards achieving their goals. The music industry has also seen some major successes in the past who have done exceptional work and are regarded as top guns in the space. Out of these few stands one name who is known for his unique singing capabilities around the rap genre, he is Zeddy, who is steadily rising to be the next rap star who looks promising enough to rule the roost, given his outstanding music talent.

Zeddy is more popular as ZN from the 86 music group and has secured his place amongst the top league of rap artists known around the world. His passion towards the craft has turned him into a music sensation who has the potential to dethrone established artists, according to industry insiders. He says that music was something he always followed since his young age and his passion towards the craft grew with time. The impact of rhythms and melodies was such that after years of honing his skills he finally emerged as a rap artist the world would be thrilled to get introduced to as he has the potential which many artists of present times lack, and that’s definitely advantageous for him.

This Tulse Hill, South London, UK based artist lost his brother at an early age, simultaneously losing his best friend in an accident. These untoward incidents impacted him in a bad way, but his love for music kept him going, saving him from adverse situations. His strong mind let him build up his career as a fine artist and eventually establish himself as a rap star. Zeddy is all set to release his debut as a solo artist on 15th November 2021 and is confident that his work will be loved by people all across the globe.

You can follow him on Instagram @znkayoss

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