Celebrate World Pizza Day. Ciaran Kelly – The Pizza Guy

“As January passes the halfway mark, what a better way to celebrate it with World Pizza Day. I’m Ciaran Kelly, founder of Pizza Guyz, Belfast. My passion and life-long love has been pizza. All from the first day my older brother brought me down to get my first pizza when I was 10. I went into this famous Belfast pizza restaurant; legends and I was amazed at the hustle and bustle and the sheer energy of the place. The smell of the charred dough and the fresh aroma of the herbs and spices sent me into a trance. 

That’s where it all started. From that moment, I knew I was going to own and have my own pizza spot. I’m in the game now 25 years, with my own franchise and 3 very successful stores and have seen pretty much all there is to see but my appetite for learning and growing have never been more vibrant. I’ve travelled the world on the haunt for secret tips and tricks for the pizza industry. My fav spot must be Las Vegas for the pizza expo. It’s insane and I get to rub shoulders with the best Pizza Guyz in the world. 

For me, Pizza is the ultimate feast in the world. Here’s my reasons why:

It brings the whole family together in such a busy, and sometimes detached world. The teenager that hasn’t come out of his room in 2 days from gaming, smells that pepperoni and he’s downstairs like a whippet. The teenage daughter that’s on snap chat for hours also makes an appearance and what do you know, the family are United again all because of this 16” Round pie of goodness. 

It’s the ultimate party food that everyone gets to share and tear pieces of pie while the converse over great times and memories

The variety and combinations are limitless so you can never get tired of eating pizza. 

My new venture is bringing the first ever dedicated bespoke pizza workshop to Belfast. This will help inspire the pizza vigilante in you as you get to try everything from start to finish. We will be bringing the world’s best Pizzaiolos in the world to run their own pizza 

masterclasses also.” 

Watch this space.  The journeys only getting started 

Ciaran- The Pizza Guy


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