Reputique PR aims to serve UK based entrepreneurs after its parent firm’s successful expansion to Italy

Every story portraying the struggles of a startup becoming a company does make for an interesting read as they are unique in themselves while throwing light upon the physical and psychological toughness faced by their teams.

Saying the U.K based digital creators are driven by the ambitions of growing digitally, many PR and Marketing firms announced extending and expanding different programs that help to understand how entrepreneurs gain access to capital through the digital world. 

We reviewed an interesting story, where Reputique PR plans to launch its PR activities and services for UK-based brands, social media figures, and entrepreneurs based on PR analytics which would be completely new to the UK audience.

The India-based organization said it’s been motivated to expand its marketing audience after seeing the success of its parent company, Big Data Marketers’ foreign collaboration with Ylenia Francini, V.P of the company, handling a team of PR experts who served largely from Italy and gained the firm, a lot of exposure and growth.

Big Data Marketers is an Indian Marketing and PR firm, founded in 2019 and is now operational for the Indian, Dubai, and UK regions with expertise in image management.

“The true PR magic happens when you have a partnership between the client and the firm. You have to be partners with each other in good and bad times, and most importantly in ugly times,” Vivek Malik, CEO of Reputique PR quoted. 

Sharing anecdotes from his own experiences, Vivek said, “I started my first firm based on my knowledge from my career as a PR & Marketing Manager at Inc42 Media and MovieTime Cinemas. On my best days, I could meet the Directors for appreciation, and on bad days, the CMO for input analysis. But PR persons have direct access to CEOs and boardrooms. I always had direct access to all management meetings and that’s where I learned most of it.

Drawing a parallel between marketing and PR, he said, “In Marketing, we talk about understanding our audience and implementing campaigns to greater reach. In PR, knowing your client is the first and most important thing. You must check whether you have visited their websites, checked their credibility, and know their SERPs. The PR agency, which knows its clients the best, has the power to do the best.”

“After knowing your client, you must have a communication strategy for them. One must know what messaging is required to bridge the perception versus reality. These are the basics, but often these are lacking,” said Vivek, underlining the factors that help a PR agency to succeed in the advertising ecosystem.

PR companies must not only talk about the brand or leader with the media. It has to maintain relations with the public as well. The public includes customers, employees, investors, and influencers and they are equally important for understanding a client’s business.

“You need to think of different media such as print, TV, digital, etc as well, but messaging and knowing your client remains at the core of PR, advises Vivek who also called for the omnichannel approach in the PR functioning as well.”

Knowing the influencers is very crucial in today’s world as they are the king. “It is very important to understand the industry, competitors, and why the brand is important in the industry and competitive context. Then come purchasers, decision-makers, and influencers. We know who is the purchaser and who is the decision-maker, but we don’t know who the influencers are.”

Going forward, Reputique PR is excited to expand its unique approach to the PR niche and eager to learn from its ups and downs. Vivek urged the industry to come up with a process to measure the custodian of brands so that the PR fraternity gets the respect it deserves. He also suggested that the PR fraternity should do some PR for itself as well.

To know more, do check out their Instagram @reputiquepr

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