Toraphene Ltd from UK to bring truly sustainable packaging to the worldwide market.

The UK-based biotech startup Toraphene produces proprietary nanotechnology-enhanced polymers that improve sustainable consumer packaging- has successfully completed food contact “migration testing” verification for their high strength and barrier thin film with TUV, the leading provider of food safety testing and certification in Europe.

Successful migration testing green lights significant, new opportunities for the company’s product pipeline —including the production of a barrier layer for home compostable disposable cups and food delivery packaging, which are now under development. The nanotechnology- enhanced material is currently used for Toraphene’s home compostable food waste bin liners and is available on the UK market.

Most importantly, their food-safe enhanced biopolymer composite can replace current plastic liners, which are heavily used in disposable paper cups and food delivery packaging, which usually makes the paper then unrecyclable due to the high plastic content of the liners affecting the recycling stream.

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