Sykes agency announced this week that he has landed a co-starring role in the upcoming feature film “Sublime,” set to be released in the UK. The film stars UK actors Aaron Deakins who played George in the series My American Family with Danny Trejo on the ABC network in the US and Actress Anisah Boubaker who worked on the movie Jolt with Amazon Studios. The news has been met with excitement by the fans of Sykes and surprised those in the entertainment community within the UK. 

Sykes is having a blockbuster summer so far, he recently signed a three picture deal with an award winning US studio and adding Sublime to his current portfolio will likely keep him busy through this coming fall when Sublime starts principal filming this November. 

Sublime will be filmed on location in Okehampton, UK and according to the Okehampton Times the community is excited to have filming take place in their town and meet Sykes and the rest of the cast. Since the article appeared in the Okehampton Times the studio has been inundated with requests to join the production. Recently, the studio released a teaser trailer for the film, which drew much attention to the production from people outside of Okehampton. Though most people will recognize the landscape from the popular show Black Mirror on Netflix, filming for that show actually took place between Okehampton and Tavistock, not actually in Okehampton like Sublime will be. 

This will be by far the largest production to come to the town after the pandemic and film on location.  Okehampton is in Devon and the county has been popular for filming; most will recognize the area from Tom Cruise’s movie Edge of Tomorrow, Johnny Depp’s Dark Shadows, Anthony Hopkins Oscar nominated movie Remains of the Day and Steve Spielberg’s Oscar nominated film War Horse. The film has garnered a large fan base both in Okehampton where it is being filmed and around the UK. Some fans have even been reaching out to the studio asking where they can get a can of Sublime. Which is not only the title of the film but the name of the energy drink featured in the film. In order to accommodate this rush of requests and interest in the film, the studio has set up a fundraising page to get fans engaged with the produciton and features merchandise for the movie.

Sykes got his start in the industry at a young age, appearing in a number of popular TV shows and movies. However, it was his role as the loveable heartthrob, Jason Roscoe in the long-running British soap opera “Hollyoaks” that put him on the map. Sykes has continued to work on his craft and build his portfolio. He has appeared in a number of stage productions, including the critically acclaimed “Bird Song” at Bromley’s Churchill Theatre, playing the role of Tipper. 

Now, Sykes is set to take on a new challenge in “Sublime.” The film is described as a psychological thriller, and will be directed by Guy Mayfield who has worked with Olivia Wilde, Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard. 

We hear Sykes will play Larson, a villain role in the film, which aims to tackle society’s addiction to energy drinks and a look at the corporations that promote them. Though the film is a fictitious look at the energy drink industry, the studio hopes it sends a societal message about addiction and corporate greed. For Sykes this role is a departure from the types of roles he has played in the past, which are usually boy next door roles. This will show him in a different light than his fans normally see him in. Sources close to the production, tell us that part of Sykes deal with the production is to reprise his role in any future sequels. 

Speaking about his new role, Sykes said: “I’m really excited to be part of this project. The script is fantastic, and I can’t wait to work with Guy, Aaron and the rest of the cast and crew to bring  this character to life.”

We couldn’t agree more that Sykes is having a bang up summer so far and we look forward to what comes next for this talented actor. We have no doubt that the future shines bright for him and his star is on the rise on both continents. 

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