Fans respond to Hlomla Dandala’s justification for leaving “The River”

For five years, Hlomla Dandala played Zweli Dikana, the spouse of Lindiwe Dikana in “The River.”

River on One Over the years, Magic has remained one of the top telenovelas in South Africa, but the award-winning programme is seeing high-profile departures, like Hlomla Dandala, who has since revealed his reasons for leaving.

For five years, Dandala played Zweli Dikana, the spouse of Lindiwe Dikana, in The River.

His explanation of his feelings in a TikTok video from his interview on Newzroom Afrika went viral.

The River egress is explained by Hloma Dandala.
According to the actor, it might be challenging to land additional acting parts that need variety if you portray one character for an extended period of time.

“It’s tough, and it gets harder and harder over time, if you have established yourself as a leading man and then play something that establishes you as being very weaker. For a while, one was content with the character in The River, but then things started to diverge in terms of inventiveness.

The actor made the decision to take charge of his career because, he said, “it would have started damaging one’s career” if he had stayed.
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He said that the way the programme is set up might have an impact on his prospects of landing future parts.

“The filmmakers were kind enough to comprehend what I was saying. Because of the show’s need that one be deceived (Zweli) and the other be deceived (Lindiwe) perpetually, they found themselves in a difficult situation.

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