In the midst of relationship rumours, Emily Ratajkowski responds to THIS tweet regarding Pete Davidson’s dating history.

As Emily Ratajkowski liked a remark made by singer Dione Warwick on her Twitter account, she gently responded to a witty post about her rumoured lover Pete Davidson.

Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajkowski made news recently amid rumours that they are currently dating. After splitting from Kim Kardashian in August of this year, Davidson is said to have moved on, and rumours suggest that he may be seeing Ratajkowski now. During this time, Emily responded to a tweet regarding Pete.

Emily and Pete are reportedly engaged, and a source told Entertainment Tonight that their relationship is quite new. The insider said that Ratajkowski and the former cast member of Saturday Night Live have started to “flirt.” “Pete and Emily have known each other for a long since they go in similar circles. They’ve always had a wonderful time together and enjoyed one other,” the insider said when explaining how the couple met.

Emily’s understated response to relationship rumours

Ratajkowski didn’t respond to the dating rumours directly, but keen-eyed admirers saw that she liked a tweet regarding Davidson’s dating preferences. The 31-year-old model liked a tweet by music legend Dionne Warwick that poked fun of Pete’s past relationships, according to ET. The following tweet from Warwick read, “I will be dating Pete Davidson.”

The post-divorce statement from Emily

Pete has recently ended a relationship, but Emily has also just gone through a divorce. Ratajkowski divorced her first husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, in September. Since then, she has been romantically linked to both Brad Pitt and DJ Orazio Rispo. The model said in October that she was loving being single, saying, “I’m newly single for literally the first time in my life ever, and I just feel like I’m sort of enjoying the freedom of not being really concerned about how people are seeing me.”

Before Pete and Emily’s alleged romance made news, Emily was photographed cuddling up to DJ Orazio Rispo. With regard to Davidson, the comedian has been preoccupied with his impending acting roles. This year, he made his first significant public appearance since the Kim Kardashian and Davidson separation at the Emmy Awards. The former cast member of Saturday Night Live hasn’t yet made any public comments on his split from Kim.

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