Is Miley Cyrus spotted in Liam Hemsworth’s suit in the music video for “Flowers”?

With the release of a sassy new music video for her most recent hit, “Flowers,” my gal Miley Cryus has the internet buzzing once again. The joyful tribute to singlehood, which Cyrus released on his birthday, is widely thought to be about her ex-husband Liam Hemsworth (it is, don’t @ me). This release seems to be a nod to their split.

Although there are many elements of the song and accompanying video that have fans talking (the sharp lyrics, the setting, the date of release, etc.), her clothing choices are what have people going crazy. Viewers watch the pop artist dancing at the conclusion of the exquisitely produced video while dressed just in a black suit.
Rumors are circulating that the large suit jacket actually belonged to Mr. Hemsworth because of the Easter eggs described above that are present throughout the song. It’s the same one, according to internet sleuths on Twitter and TikTok, that he wore to the Avengers: Endgame premiere in 2019.

Any Miley fan worth their salt will recall that, during said premiere, Hemsworth famously purportedly admonished Cyrus to “behave for once” after she fun licked him on the red carpet. Shortly after the incident, the couple announced their separation in writing.
I need someone to confirm that the suit jacket @MileyCyrus is wearing at the conclusion of the FLOWERS mv is truly one of he who shall not be named’s, a Twitter user penned. Others, meantime, have posted photos of the pop diva and her ex-husband side by side for comparison. Just have a look. Although I agree that the blazers are similar (as are most black suit jackets), hers is a brand-new style from the Saint Laurent Fall 2022 collection. Beyond that, a quick glance at the lapels reveals quite distinct design variations between the two outfits, with Cyrus’ lapels sporting a broad, ’70s-inspired design and Hemsworth’s sporting slim, satin-looking ones.

I think the aesthetic decision is still a purposeful one, even if it is just to symbolise being her own husband, and I adore her for it.

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