Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber of "The Bachelor" Following a rekindled relationship, take a romantic cruise. - UK Reporter

Kelley Flanagan and Peter Weber of “The Bachelor” Following a rekindled relationship, take a romantic cruise.

Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan, who split up for a second time in early 2021, announced their reconciliation in October.
Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan of The Bachelor are embarking on a voyage!

Following their previous breakup in 2021, Weber, 31, and Flanagan, 30, appeared to announce their reconciliation in October after Weber posted an Instagram photo of the two holding hands at Yankee Stadium. The two recently had a vacation at sea after reigniting their romance.

Flanagan revealed a preview of their enchanted cruise on Tuesday. She spoke candidly about why she believed this vacation in particular was important in a TikTok video.

She added in a voiceover, “I had no clue cruise ships looked like this these days. I lived on a ship for a semester in 2012, so this is the first trip I’ve been on.

Flanagan described the enjoyable amenities after mentioning the Celebrity Beyond, the ship on where they spent their vacation. “Our upper bedroom was secluded and featured a hot tub. It’s simply magnificent in every way. Everything was fantastic “While displaying to the audience views of the entertainers, bar, and casino, she remarked. We’re cruisers now, baby, Weber wrote in response to Flanagan’s Instagram post of the same video.

She photographed their bedroom’s view of the breathtaking waterfront on the second day at sea.

She said in the caption, “Waking up to this vista after being rocked to sleep is fantastic.

In the video, the pair enjoyed a spa treatment after relaxing in a hot tub, followed by a feast of prawns and oysters.
A humorous video of their trip was also posted by Weber. The couple recreated the famous Titanic pose on the edge of the ship in a video that he posted on Instagram on Tuesday.

Now a “big cruise guy,” he wrote. “Yes, I made Kell pose like he was on the Titanic with me:).”
The stars of The Bachelor revealed that they were reuniting in October. At Yankee Stadium during a postseason game versus the Cleveland Guardians, the Bachelor Nation alumni posed for a cute picture. The Global Lyme Alliance (GLA) Gala that same week had just concluded when this happened.

Weber captioned the image of what appeared to be their baseball date, “Home run.”

Before breaking up on New Year’s Eve of that year, Weber and Flanagan briefly reignited their romance in 2020. At the beginning of 2021, they were briefly back together, but by Valentine’s Day, they had split permanently.

On the pilot’s season of The Bachelor, the couple first connected. Weber didn’t select Flanagan as his top option or even his second choice. Before the local dates, she was dropped. During the turbulent season, Weber was first engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss before calling off the union and going after Madison Prewett. Only a few days into their public romance, Weber and Prewett decided to call it quits.

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