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Greek Mythology and Old Hollywood Collide at the Gucci Love Parade

Everybody dreams of becoming in Hollywood. It’s the idealised version, with sparkling lights, stars everywhere, and cutting-edge clothing, that we all used to daydream of. On November 2nd evening, Gucci made that fantasy a reality. For its first live performance since before the pandemic, the fashion house closed down Hollywood Boulevard and used the Walk of Fame as the runway for Gucci Love Parade, a collection of over 100 looks worn by a diverse cast that included Jared Leto, Jodie Turner-Smith, St. Vincent, Phoebe Bridgers, Janaya Khan, and Macaulay Culkin.

The Gucciverse that was built was glitzy and seductive. Alessandro Michele, the creative director, drew inspiration from his appreciation of classic Hollywood and his experience with the entertainment industry’s escapism. His mother, who worked as a production assistant, used to tell him stories about the “dream factory” when he was a little boy living in a squat outside of Rome. He stated in a news release that Hollywood “seemed a bright and sparkling star.” Nine letters that ooze passion.

“My unabashed affection for the classical world finds great support on this avenue of stars. After all, Hollywood is a Greek temple filled with paganism. Actors and actresses are recognised as the myth’s heroes here as hybrid beings with the ability to maintain both divine transcendence and mortal existence simultaneously, as well as both the imagined and the actual.

At a time when virtually anybody can build a following on social media, Michele’s weaving of celebrities and deities seems especially timely. Whether it’s Beyoncé or a member of Generation Z who records videos on TikTok in their bedroom, we have a tendency to change the way we perceive famous personalities in our imaginations so that they reflect our ideals rather than acknowledging that they are simply humans like us. Hollywood is to blame for the stars being so glamorous.

A star-studded crowd attended the Gucci Love Parade, and many of them dressed in Hollywood-inspired garb. Among them was Billie Eilish, who kept her golden blonde hair naturally and donned a lace maroon outfit with a 1920s-inspired headpiece. Gwyneth Paltrow, a ’90s Hollywood favourite, also showed up, dressed in a modernised version of the red velvet Gucci outfit she wore to the 1996 VMAs. Dakota Johnson, Miley Cyrus, and Lizzo were also present.

Fishnet stockings mixed with feather boas, skirts, and jackets; mismatched gaudy patterns and vibrant colour blocking; and satin suits with bow ties and floppy corsages were just a few of the oddities, temptations, and distinctive charms of the neighbourhood that were captured on the runway. Other iconic outfits included elaborate flapper headpieces, latex corsets, star-shaped pasties, and accessories with sex toy influences. In a nod to Marilyn Monroe’s enduring impact, a model wore her well-known pin-up curls and beauty mole. In a homage to Western-style movies, cowboy hats were also a common accessory, but they were timed to coincide with the popular resurgence of cowboy iconography we’re witnessing courtesy to celebrities like Lil Nas X and Megan Thee Stallion.

Alessandro Michele revived the Hollywood mythos through the Gucci Love Parade, if only for one evening. The concert served as a gentle reminder that, like ancient lore, the myth of Hollywood is a creation of myth.

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