In light of recent allegations about Harry Styles’ affair from a former nanny, Olivia Wilde discusses surviving “hellfire.”

Following an inflammatory statement made by a former nanny about her breakup with Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Wilde gave a speech about experiencing “searing hellfire.”

In a recent bombshell interview, Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis’ former nanny discussed their breakup and the actress’ friendship with Harry Styles. The Don’t Worry Darling made an appearance in public not long after Nanny’s shocking revelations went viral and Olivia and Jason jointly denounced the same in a statement.

At the Elle Women in Hollywood event, Olivia Wilde spoke about her recent experience of being in the centre of the storm because the press tour for her film was rife with rumours and controversy. According to Variety, Wilde encouraged women to “keep battling through the hellfire” of misogyny and oppression in the entertainment industry as she reflected on her own experience.

Amid Wilde’s statement about going through “hellfire,” the actress’ former nanny made additional shocking remarks in her second interview with The Daily Mail. She said that Olivia was “feeding off” of Harry’s celebrity. According to an interview that The Daily Mail published on Tuesday, the nanny, who has chosen to remain nameless, claimed that Jason described Olivia as “mediocre” and claimed that she desired attention. The nanny said further that “due of Harry’s celebrity, Wilde now receives the attention.”

According to Nanny, Sudeikis and Olivia “slept nude in the same bed.”
The Booksmart director was accused of sleeping naked in the same bed with Sudeikis and skinny dipping in their California home’s pool “just a month” before she “saw Olivia holding hands as a couple with Harry in the news,” according to the former nanny of Sudeikis and Wilde’s children in her second interview.

Previously, the nanny stated that Jason was shocked by and upset about his breakup. She further said that the actor put himself beneath his ex-car wife’s in an effort to prevent Olivia from meeting Harry. In a joint statement, Olivia and Jason criticised the former nanny they had for over three years. The ex-couple denounced the “false and scurrilous charges” made by her and insisted that having to deal with the same as parents after the nanny who looks after their young children did so was “extremely unpleasant.” In spite of the uproar, Wilde and Sudeikis said they will keep putting their children’s safety first.

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