JoJo Siwa Displays Abs After Focusing on Her “Physical Health” for a Year: I was “Sweating and Sweeping.”

New year, new physique. JoJo Siwa disclosed that she spent the entire year of 2022 working out and displaying the amazing results at the end.
The Dancing With the Stars alum, 19, captioned a pair of pictures on Instagram on December 31 with the phrase “First and last pic of 2022.” The first displayed her perspiring forehead, while the second displayed her toned tummy muscles.
I NEVER take ‘progress pictures,’ she said, “because they make me feel uncomfortable. however, I am incredibly happy of the muscle and strength I’ve grown after a year of putting a lot of effort into improving my physical health! I literally looked like the woman in the first image EVERY DAY. sweated profusely. A very happy new year to everyone!

The former Dance Moms actress also disclosed that she continued her daily exercises in 2023. On January 1, she published a TikTok video in which she responded to a scene from Miley’s New Year’s Eve party. The hit song “Midnight Sky” by Last Song performer Miley Cyrus and Fletcher may be seen in the video.

Fletcher, 28, kneels on stage as the clip comes to a close and strokes Cyrus’ leg. Siwa’s jaw drops as water spills out of her mouth at the same time.

Both the 30-year-old singer of “Girl of My Dreams” and the former Hannah Montana actor, who just ended his relationship with Avery Cyrus, also identify as LGBTQ people.
On December 17, Avery, 22, announced their separation on TikTok. The social media influencer then stated, “We agreed that we are better off as friends. “We are both very young and are still just figuring things out!”

Later, Siwa said she was “used for views and for clout,” informing her mother via Instagram Stories that she had been “f—king played” into believing she was in love.
In a statement to E! News, Avery addressed the allegations, saying, “From my viewpoint, me and JoJo left on great terms and are still friends. I have nothing but affection for JoJo and her family since the bond felt really genuine. My breakup with JoJo still hurts me a lot. And the situation saddens and confounds me.

The “Boomerang” singer had an on-again, off-again relationship with Kylie Prew before her most recent partnership. Less than a month after Siwa came out, in February 2021, the couple made their relationship public. Prew announced their final breakup on August 2022.

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