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Keke Palmer Used the Most Trendy Manicure to Announce Her Pregnancy

ICYMI, Keke Palmer is expecting a child! On December 3, when hosting Saturday Night Live, the star made her pregnancy known by exhibiting her baby belly during her open monologue and flaunting a highly glossy, fashionable manicure at the same time.

Palmer entered the storied SNL stage wearing a monochrome brown ensemble that included loose-fitting, low-rise brown leggings and a long, mocha coat placed over a tied-up blouse to better display the newest member of her family. Palmer’s nails were filed into a precise soft coffin shape to serve as an adaptable base for the alien hue, and she cradled her growing belly with a stunning smokey silver chrome manicure.
Chrome manis have been one of 2022’s hottest trends, with stars like Sydney Sweeney and Jennifer Lopez trying their hand (pun intended) at mirrored manis. Chrome nails can be simple and sophisticated, like Palmer’s goes-with-everything shiny charcoal, or totally over-the-top when paired with gems and nail art. (Check out this “diamond drip” set on J.Lo for proof!) Hailey Bieber’s frosty glazed donut nails were the biggest viral nail trend of summer 2022, and chrome powder is key to getting that shimmery, reflective texture.

Palmer’s moodier, smoked-out version of the trend in silver is perfect for all winter occasions, from Christmas parties to seeing the ball drop on New Year’s Eve — or, you know, telling the world about your wonderful news on Saturday Night Live. Thank you, Keke!

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