Meek Mill pays the bail for 20 Philadelphia women just in time for the holidays.

Consider giving thanks to God for your good fortune if you are spending today with friends and family because not everyone is that lucky. The time he spent behind bars inspired Meek Mill, who is all too familiar with what it’s like to spend the holidays away from family, to assist a few families in avoiding a similar situation. The rapper made the choice this year to post bail for 20 Philadelphia women, five of whom were let out of Riverside Correctional Facility on Friday. Over the course of the coming week, others will be disclosed.

The actual Robert Rihmeek Williams, who goes by the moniker Mill, said, “It was horrible for me to be away from my son over the holidays when I was in prison.” “I can thus relate to these women and their families,” the speaker said.
A 2008 conviction against Meek for drug distribution and firearms possession was later overturned in 2019. When he was freed, the musician started campaigning for criminal justice reform after realising how simple it is for people on parole and probation to end up in jail. Along with other activists and benefactors, including Jay-Z and investor Michael Rubin, Meek created REFORM Alliance in the same year. This non-profit organisation aims “to revolutionise probation and parole by changing laws, processes, and culture to create meaningful routes to work and wellbeing.”
The website of the organisation states that “stronger families and safer communities result from a justice system that holds people accountable and reroutes them back to work and wellbeing.” “Instead of keeping people stuck in a cycle of probation, parole, and jail, which costs taxpayers billions of dollars, we’re striving to transition people out of the legal system and into stability.”

The 35-year-old is still dedicated to the cause, and his newest contribution makes the Christmas pudding the proof.

No one should have to spend the Christmas behind bars merely because they lack the funds to post bail, he said. “I appreciate the chance to assist these women in spending this important holiday season with their families and loved ones.”

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