Farooq Syed: Reshaping the Norms of Dubai’s Real Estate Industry

Those who follow Dubai’s real estate market will have heard of Farooq Syed, the CEO of Springfield Properties, widely known for his social presence and Youtube vlogs. His journey in Dubai’s real estate market started started in 2006 as an intern during the start of his university days at one of the brokerage firms in Dubai where he fell in love with the industry. Fast forward to 2022 has become one of the top selling real estate agents in a super competitive luxury real estate market of Dubai.

His family businesses sowed the seeds of entrepreneurship in Farooq, who gained valuable experience working at his family’s restaurants and car rental businesses from a very young age of 13. “I remember accompanying my parents to our Car rental company since as far as I can remember, I would look over the cars, do the data entry for rental contracts and then go to the restaurant during lunch times & stand at our restaurant counter taking orders!” Farooq says remembering his early business career. However, after working his first job as a broker, there was no looking back. Farooq completed his bachelors degree from the American University of Sharjah & pursued his MBA soon after from the University of Michigan in the United States. In 2013, he was appointed as the CEO of Springfield Properties, and hasn’t looked back ever since. Last year, he led Springfield Properties to unprecedented heights by selling over AED 1 billion worth of properties in Dubai. Today, Springfield has multiple offices and employs almost a hundred people.

Anyone in Dubai’s real estate industry knows that Farooq has been a force to be reckoned with. Under his dynamic leadership, the company has been able to survive in a tough real estate market and thrive. This is largely due to the unique business model that he has put in place at the company. With a strong focus on customer service and a passion for building a people-centric organization, Springfield has been awarded multiple times as one of the top real estate firms by various developers in Dubai, including their recent accolade of being amongst the top two highest selling companies for 2021 by Dubai Holding & Meraas, which are the two largest Government owned real estate developers.

“There’s no such thing as ‘secret’ when it comes to success – be it business or any field. It might sound cliche but nothing will trump hard-work & perseverance. When you’re at the helm of a business in real estate, you’re going to face ups and downs. What matters the most is to keep learning and adapting while staying true to your core principles,” said Farooq when asked about his journey.

“Being recognized as the Top Selling Agency by Dubai’s Government in a historic year like 2021 which saw the highest property transactions in Dubai’s history has been something we are proud of. However, the market opportunities and our team’s potential have convinced us that things are just getting started. Our goal is to make Springfield a company that leads the way in Dubai’s real estate market for years to come” he further adds.

Farooq isn’t just your regular CEO; he’s also a social media junkie. Farooq is passionate about his Youtube Vlogs and posting about the real estate market on his extremely engaging Instagram profile as it helps him connect with his customers and followers. Most importantly, Farooq has been inspired to inspire others & give back in whatever form he can. He loves being able to share his story and help others achieve their goals and dreams.

At 32 years of age, he’s one of the youngest CEOs in the real estate industry, and his drive and determination have allowed him to build a powerhouse company in a relatively short amount of time. In Farooq Syed, many young entrepreneurs have found a hero to emulate, and rightly so.

Young people worldwide can learn from Farooq’s success by studying his strategies for running a successful business on his Youtube channel www.youtube.com/farooqsyed. They can also learn from his failures, which he often refers to as ‘mistakes’ that have shaped him into today’s leader.

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