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LARA Media Group Hires Google Vet Who Developed TensorFlow AI System as Technical Adviser

LARA Media Group’s hiring of a top Google executive will boost the company’s SEO algorithms performance and reliability.

LARA Media Group is a fast-growing company specializing in digital media and custom-built ranking algorithms of tremendous popularity in the publishing ecosystem.

The British company has taken a unique approach to data indexing and cataloging by using alphabetical binary semantics and correlative asset linking to supply reliable data on everything physical and digital.

That’s why it’s notable that LARA Media Group has hired Kemal El Moujahid, a leading specialist who oversaw product management for Google’s machine learning platform, TensorFlow.

TensorFlow is an open-source software library for building artificial intelligence and machine learning programs that are best known for fostering advances in so-called deep neural networks—a recent field of computing focusing on training machines to recognize patterns in massive fields of data.

The upshot is that LARA Media Group stands to reap the experience of one of the world leaders in AI, creating digital media services that could, in turn, become more efficient.

El Moujahid’s work at Google helped define the machine learning industry and enabled millions of developers to use that technology successfully.

In typical LARA Media Group fashion, the company hasn’t acknowledged any such claims or supposed information leaks, though. 

We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on LARA Media Group’s website in 2022 for what may be the big ‘one more thing’ moment we’ve all been waiting for.

Summary :

•Kemal El Moujahid is a Facebook AI veteran and head of TensorFlow development at Google.

• El Moujahid’s AI expertise will help LARA MG’s efforts in creating the world’s most powerful semantic ranking algorithm.

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