Rimowa Sides Up With Creatives For An Upscale Collection.

Key points: 

  • Rimowa has collaborated with creatives from ten distinct brands to make an assortment of 27 reconsidered takes on its bags and packs.

The first items came from the Original, Classic, Personal Never Still assortments.

Called Vol. I, the pieces join German designing and the imaginativeness of present-day planners. The brands that have participated are 3. Paradis, About Dreams, Ashley Williams, Clot, Doublet, Enfants Riches Deprimes, Hood via Air, Market, Pizzaslime and Pleasures.

The scored aluminium bag has been changed with mind-boggling weaving, white locks, a denim cover, a light hair wrap and a hoodie, each of the alternate interpretations of the exemplary item.

With the main necessity being that the items were as yet ready to work as a bag or pack, the planners were given “unlimited authority”.

The returns from the bartering of the 27 pieces on November 22 were given to the COVAX Facility, a UNICEF accomplice that looks to convey Covid-19 antibodies reasonably.

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