Why Xavi Will Be Next Barcelona Head Coach – Notwithstanding President’s Unreliability.

Key points:  

  • Xavi is the favourite candidate option for the Barcelona head coach job. 
  • Barcelona legend Xavi will be affirmed as the club’s new chief soon. 

Furthermore, presently, in this time of emergency, it’s the ideal opportunity for an act of pure trust from club president Joan Laporta not unlike the one he took when he advanced Pep Guardiola, then, at that point, Barcelona B group chief, 13 years prior. 

The distinction this time is, that while he appreciated, regarded and had confidence in Guardiola, he doesn’t have similar inclinations toward the man from Terrassa, not exactly an hour’s drive inland from Barcelona. Or on the other hand not yet. 

As of not long ago Xavi, at present overseeing Al Sadd in Qatar, and Laporta barely addressed one another. However, in football as throughout everyday life, needs should when Satan drives, and as of late they have fabricated their correspondence, yet through mediators, and are drawing nearer. 

On Wednesday night Laporta settled on a decision to Xavi. Task finished. 

Xavi absolutely will not have the kind of force with Laporta in control that he would have had if Victor Font had been chosen president – Xavi planned to make another football structure at the club with himself in control had Font won. 

In any case, he will be hoping to carry a portion of his staff with him and ideally check more boxes than just one of the lead trainers. 

That reality Ronald Koeman made due as long as he did, before being sacked on Wednesday, most likely has a lot to do with the reality Laporta wasn’t as sold on the possibility of Xavi taking over however much numerous others appeared to be. 

Eight months prior he advised columnists that Xavi was not prepared to accept the position as Barcelona lead trainer, a presumption showed up most likely for footballing reasons, yet additionally, because Xavi had tossed his cap in with Font during the official decisions. 

It’s additionally reasonable to expect that a portion of his counsellors had presumably cautioned him that Xavi was not prepared to accept the position because while winning titles in Qatar – where he has overseen Al Sadd beginning around 2019 – is a certain something, it is 1,000,000 miles from what was expected to take on a club like Barcelona, club legend or not. 

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