8 Chinese companies have been blacklisted in the United States for national security reasons.

8 Chinese companies have been blacklisted in the United States for national security reasons.

Key sentence:

  • Strain among Beijing and Washington proceeds as the US government purportedly put a few Chinese firms in its exchange boycott on Wednesday. 
  • The revealed eight Chinese organizations are, by all accounts, not the only ones that we have boycotted. 

In an assertion, US business secretary Gina Raimondo said the new postings will assist with keeping the country’s innovation from sponsorship the improvement of Chinese and Russian “military headway and exercises of limitation concern,” including Pakistan’s “unsafeguarded atomic exercises or long-range rocket program.” 

China’s consulate in Washington “immovably” went against the boycott movement, with representative Liu Pengyu saying that the US utilizes the “get all idea of public safety” and “misuses” its ability to gag and limit “Chinese ventures in every conceivable mean.” 

He added that the US needs to meet China “most of the way instead of going further down some unacceptable way,” the Reuters report uncovered. 

This advancement comes all at once. The two countries are in constant conflict with one another over Taiwan’s status and exchange issues. 

Outstandingly, during the new virtual gathering between US President Joe Biden and his Chinese partner Xi Jinping, the world chiefs examined exchange among a few different themes. 

In the meantime, the revealed eight Chinese organizations are by all accounts not the only ones that we have boycotted. 

A sum of 27 new elements was added, and the rundown is assorted with incorporations from Pakistan, Japan, and Singapore other than China. 

Names of Chinese firms boycotted: 

1. Hangzhou Zhongke Microelectronics Co Ltd 

2. New H3C Semiconductor Technologies Co Ltd 

3. Xi’an Aerospace Huaxun Technology 

4. Hunan Goke Microelectronics 

5. Yunchip Microelectronics 

6. Hefei National Laboratory for Physical Sciences at Microscale 

7. QuantumCTek 

8. Shanghai QuantumCTeck Co Ltd 

The US business division let Reuters know that the boycott move was pointed toward preventing the Chinese military from fostering its counter-covertness innovation that could incorporate hardware like progressed radars and surprisingly counter submarine applications like undersea sensors. 

Providers to the US element rundown organizations will require a permit before they can sell things, which will probably be denied. 

The US has been progressively and reliably utilizing its ‘Substance lean’ to boycott organizations for international strategy and public safety, and it was begun since previous President Donald Trump’s organization. 

In 2019, Chinese telecom firm Huawei was added to the rundown, cutting them off fundamental providers, making handset creation troublesome.

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