Matteo Cammisa becomes a member of the Magic Circle

Matteo Cammisa has successfully passed his exam and become a member of the prestigious Magic Circle Organization in London. The Magic Circle is a leading association of magicians that was founded in 1905, with the aim of promoting and advancing the art of magic. It is known for its rigorous standards and dedication to the preservation and promotion of magic as a performing art.

As part of the membership process, Matteo was required to take a rigorous exam that tested his knowledge and skills in the art of magic. This exam is designed to ensure that only the most talented and dedicated individuals are granted membership to the organization. I am pleased to say that Matteo passed with flying colors, and he is now officially a member of this prestigious organization.

As a member of the Magic Circle, Matteo has been given access to a range of resources and opportunities that will help him grow as a magician. He will be able to attend lectures and workshops hosted by some of the most skilled and experienced magicians in the world, and to connect with other members of the organization. The Magic Circle also provides its members with access to a library of magical texts and resources, as well as a monthly magazine that features articles and insights from leading magicians.

One of the highlights of Matteo’s membership journey was the moment when he received his official certificate from the President of the Magic Circle, Megan Swann. It was a truly unforgettable moment, and he will cherish his certificate for years to come.

Matteo is so grateful to the members of the Magic Circle for welcoming him into their community, and for providing him with the support and guidance he needs to succeed as a magician. He is looking forward to the exciting journey ahead, and to making the most of all the opportunities that come his way.

In conclusion, becoming a member of the Magic Circle has been a truly rewarding experience for Matteo, and he is excited to see what the future holds. He is confident that with the support of this incredible organization, he will be able to achieve his dreams and make a lasting contribution to the world of magic. Congratulations to Matteo on this impressive achievement!

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