Transform Your Life with Emotional Healing and Manifestation Techniques from Expert Coach Reshmi Purmar

Reshmi Purmar is an expert Manifestation and Spiritual Alignment coach. During her many years of guiding her clients through uncertain, painful times it became evident to Reshmi that her purpose is to help people acknowledge their original passions to create the life they were born to live.

Helping Clients rekindle their forgotten passions, is a pathway to uncover their secret, invalidated, forgotten dreams. Guiding her clients to get curious about their dreams and passions, it became evident to Reshmi that their hidden dreams are infinitely intertwined with their Soul Purpose.

Through a personal journey of self discovery work, Reshmi realised her childhood passions for daydreaming, writing, teaching and speaking were the pathways to living her Soul Purpose.

Reshmi now fulfils her Soul Purpose of helping clients heal their past as she guides, educates and empowers them with Spiritual wisdom to tap into their hidden magical powers of manifestation.

Ultimately the world is on the verge of a much needed shift in consciousness and connectivity necessary to elevate the way we live our lives.

Reshmi’s Surrender Solution program leads you through multilevel practices which help you integrate ancient and new wisdom to show up as your best self, fulfilling your amazing potential, sharing your unique skills and talents and leading the way for others. Through this process your history becomes a strong foundation for your beautiful present and future.

Over the last 20 years Reshmi has had hundreds of experiences of the universal truths through her innate Empath, Psychic and Channelling abilities.

She has been taught and guided by her personal spiritual guides to share information through the use of Esoteric arts such as tarot, crystals, numerology, rituals, etc.

Healing her own emotional, physical and mental trauma, asking questions that needed to be asked, staying loyal to her inner guidance, which can be challenging in a world that values people pleasers rather than innovators, has been a very powerful journey for Reshmi.

Her Surrender Solution program uses the distilled processes she has used herself and with her numerous clients over the years to create powerful psychic, mental, emotional and energetic shifts needed to get her clients to live their dream lives, have their dream relationships and build the businesses they never truly dared to believe they could .

The Surrender Solution is a program for people who want to explore the magic of Manifestation through personal empowerment. People who know they are here to lead the way into Mastering aligned manifestation through surrendering the Ego’s story.

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