Brain dead but maintained on life support for organ donation, Anne Heche; Report

anne heche

Last week, Anne Heche was in a terrible car accident. On Friday, she was declared brain dead. Earlier in the day, it was said that the Donnie Brasco actress was brain dead, but it was said that doctors were doing everything they could to keep her heart beating so that the organ donation group could figure out if she was a match for organ donation.

Heche never came to after she crashed her blue Mini Cooper into a house in Los Angeles on August 5. Her representatives say she never came to again. On August 11, she “suffered a severe anoxic brain injury” and “no one thought she would live.” In a statement to Page Six, the actress’s representatives have now told the bad news. “We’ve lost a bright star, a good and happy soul, a loving mother, and a loyal friend. Anne will be sorely missed, but her sweet boys, legendary body of work, and fierce activism will keep her in people’s minds.”

They also said that her courage to always tell the truth and spread her message of love and acceptance “will continue to have a lasting effect.” Soon after the accident, the actress went into a coma and was in a very bad condition for the next week. Heche’s family says that even though she has been declared brain dead, her life support has not yet been turned off.

After taking blood samples from Heche, the Los Angeles Police Department found that he was high on cocaine at the time of the incident. The report says that the actress was not drunk, which was being looked at as a possibility in the case.

In California, a person who has been ruled “brain dead” is considered to be dead by the law.

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