Due of the UK’s water deficit, Rishi Sunak is under fire for his $3.8 million swimming pool.

Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak is from India and wants to be the next prime minister of the UK. He has made a lot of people angry in the past. Whether it was his comment about the role of work in society or the fact that the word “campaign” was misspelt on a banner with his political message while he was on TV.

This time, Sunak seems to be struggling more with his public image right before the election, since he is reportedly spending about 3.8 crore (400,000 pounds) to build a luxury swimming pool on his estate.

England has been having heat waves for a few months, and the government has officially declared a drought. This is when the story takes place. Many people in the UK are upset with Sunak because he spent a lot of money building a swimming pool when the country has a serious water shortage.

According to the Daily Mail, the former Chancellor of the Exchequer is adding a gym and tennis courts to his Georgian manor estate near Northallerton, which cost two million pounds.

Recent aerial footage shows that the pool is being built at full speed. Because of the high cost of living in the UK, this has made many people angry on social media. Because energy costs are going up, the public swimming pools in Richmond had to close. This is just one more spark.

Reports say that Rishi Sunak, his two daughters, and his wife, Akshata Murthy, spend the weekends at this house. The couple had asked for a 12-by-5-meter swimming pool to be built in 2021 at the mansion.

Before running for office, Sunak worked as an investment banker. He worked hard to get to where he is now, which is the UK’s finance minister. Akshata Murty is related to the founder of Infosys, who made a lot of money, because she is his wife.

When people heard that Akshata had more money than the Queen of England, they were upset. Early this year, it was discovered that Murthy made money from her tax status in the UK as a “non-domicile.” This meant that she didn’t have to pay taxes on her income from abroad at a time when most Britons’ taxes were going up.

In the middle of a crisis in the cost of living, Sunak was criticised for raising taxes on Britons while hiding millions of pounds in Infosys earnings from his own government to give to his family.

Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss are both running to be the next prime minister of the United Kingdom. At hustings around the UK, Conservative Party members who will vote in the election are still asking the candidates questions. People still ask the candidates about prices and inflation that are skyrocketing.

“Sunak reiterated that he may be evaluated based on how he performed as Chancellor during the Covid lockdown in his interview with the BBC on Wednesday night. Sunak added that he would “go further” than what he had previously declared if he were to become prime minister.

“I am aware that many people are concerned about inflation, particularly when their energy costs rise. Things were not as terrible as they are now when he announced those steps earlier this year.

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