Stack Pack steps into the health and wellness industry with Stack Pack Health.

The brand offers one of its kind products which are slated to disrupt the health industry in a big way.

The world is full of talented individuals who have mastered the art of being successful in not one, but different industries which are miles apart from each other, and have unbelievably managed to score high in all. Most of these achievers have showcased their talent, impressing all along their journey as creative artists, entrepreneurs, subject-matter experts and much more. Such has been their dedication that they have succeeded in conquering every industry they have laid their hands on. Here, we speak about one such individual who has done exceedingly well across distinctive areas, having emerged as a winner in all. He is Stack Pack, who has done his bit around distinct sectors, and succeeded in each owing to his hard work, dedication and focus.

His latest venture Stack Pack Health has done exceedingly well around the health and wellness space, with one of its most popular products named X39 making waves around the health sector. Stack says that the first ever product that has come out from his manufacturing unit is designed to activate the body’s own stem cells which helps in improving one’s energy levels and sleep, also reducing pain, appearance of lines and wrinkles, and speeds up wound healing. There are numerous other benefits that this product offers, which has boosted the brand’s presence in international markets.

According to the company’s recommended usage procedure, one has to use their products for at least 30-90 days. The product comes with four different kits, comprising X39 and X49. The patches are made up of amino acids, salt and organic crystals. The organic crystals are embedded with proprietary and patented energy frequencies. Furthermore, the patches are non-transdermal, and do not interfere with any medications, so there are no side effects. The patches reflect back inwards the wavelength of the light emitted from our body, a process called photo biomodulation.

Stack Pack has taken giant leaps in the entrepreneurial world with the introduction of this innovative product. Apart from being hugely successful in his entrepreneurial endeavours, Stack Pack has also led a successful career as a hip-hop beat producer, also doing his bit in the DeFi space by selling artworks and music related NFTs. He is also Vice President of business development for The Oz Club, Head of Media and Talent Management at Kandiid, the marquee senior member at Soulja Boy’s app, and the CEO at Internet Traffic Agency, which is a top consulting agency known for its winning social media campaigns, digital magazines, digital billboard placements and much more. He also heads the magazine Internet Traffic, which covers the biggest celebrity events in town. Apart from leading these distinct spheres, Stack Pack also works as a brand ambassador for known global brands. At present, he in partnership with Charles Myambo, and is working on a large scale project bearing more than 270 channels with DStv.

To know more, follow him on Instagram @stackpack.

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