Coldplay had to add more dates to their 2023 tour because so many

Coldplay had to add more dates to their 2023 tour because so many fans were still trying to get tickets.


Ticketmaster told people in line to wait their turn and not refresh their pages, so the band added extra shows in Manchester and Cardiff.

On May 31, 2023, four of Coldplay’s new UK shows will be in Manchester, followed by two nights in Cardiff.

“As expected, Coldplay is very popular this morning,” Ticketmaster wrote on Twitter. As tens of thousands of people got in line.

“To make it as fair as possible, we put everyone in a line.” You will lose your place if you refresh, so be patient.

Some fans were upset because they had been waiting in line since 10 a.m., when tickets went on sale, but they were put at the back of the line when they got the wrong information.

“I stood in line at 10 a.m. and got my tickets. No matter which ticket I chose, it kept saying “something went wrong” for 15 minutes. Now I’m back in line with about 400,000 people ahead of me,’ they tweeted. I can’t even describe how sad I am.

Ticketmaster also said that they were doing everything they could to stop resale shops from buying tickets and selling them to loyal customers at huge markups.

One fan was told that “all events already have a ticket limit.” Tickets listed on unofficial or secondary websites can’t be checked to see if they’re real or not, but we can’t control what’s listed on websites that aren’t ours.

The band just finished the current leg of their European tour. The shows were all sold out, and the crowds loved the band’s amazing stage sets and light shows.

Even though it’s hard to get tickets to see Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion, those who do won’t be let down.

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