The Chilean government is pushing harder for a measure to shorten working hours.

Chilean government sets new push on bill to reduce working hours

On Tuesday, the government of Chilean President Gabriel Boric said that it would try again to pass a bill that would shorten working hours in the country and keep a campaign promise.

Camila Vallejo, who was a lawmaker at the time and is now a government spokesperson, brought the bill to Congress in 2017. Its goal is to cut the work week from 45 to 40 hours within five years.

Boric has given “urgency” to a part of Chile’s constitution that says lawmakers have to take up a bill if the president asks them to.

Lawmakers will talk about the changes to the bill that were suggested by Boric’s office, such as one that would let public transportation drivers and housekeepers take advantage of the shorter hours.

At a ceremony on Tuesday at the presidential palace, Boric said, “These improvements are important steps toward a new, more fair Chile.”

After a quick recovery from the pandemic, the economy of the world’s top copper producer is slowing down and facing big inflationary pressures. The center-left government has been encouraging unions, worker federations, and representatives from small, medium, and large businesses to work together.

Boric said that his government thought that both houses of parliament would vote on the law and pass it as soon as possible.

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