What will Rishi Sunak do if Liz Truss wins the UK PM election? He’ll do…

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British leadership candidate Rishi Sunak claimed he would not work in the government of Conservative Party nominee Lizz Truss if she were elected and became prime minister the following month.

In an interview broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on Monday, the former chancellor, who is widely expected to lose the contest for Tory party leader, said, “you really need to agree with the major things” when sitting in government and cabinet over the previous few years. I don’t want to go through that experience again because “I’ve learned the hard way that it’s awful when you don’t,” and I don’t want to.

Boris Johnson lost his position as prime minister after Sunak’s unexpected resignation last month; Sunak and Truss had been at odds over economic strategy for some time. Publications in the United Kingdom have speculated that Sunak could replace Truss as health secretary.

Regarding the reports, he said, “I am not focused on all of stuff, and I doubt Liz is.” When I say that I am not thinking about work, I mean neither my own nor anyone else’s.

Rishi Sunak speaks at a Birmingham hustings event, where he emphasises the importance of family and patriotism.

Sunak, in his eleventh and final hustings appearance on Tuesday in Birmingham, said that nationalism, family, hard work, and service were the keys to improving life in Britain. “It’s on us to do three things. Building trust is our first order of business. We need to rebuild our economy when we’ve brought the country back together “he remarked.

The former British chancellor made the pledge at an address to Conservative Party members about the economy, promising to reform England’s publicly funded healthcare system so that it no longer wastes money.

“I have not chosen to express what people want to hear, but I have stated things that I believe the country needs to hear,” says Rishi Sunak, who claims to have made an honest choice.

A survey of Conservative Party members found that Truss was their preferred candidate to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister of the United Kingdom over Rishi Sunak. The new prime minister of Britain will be unveiled on September 5.

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