Having her butt injections removed, according to Cardi B, was “very crazy.”

Cardi B has always been open with her followers, known as “the Bardi Gang,” about what’s going on in her life, ever since she first appeared on Love and Hip Hop: New York. This includes disclosing the cosmetic procedures she had, such as rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Therefore, when she went live on Instagram on December 6 and referenced a recent operation, we weren’t initially surprised—that is, until she revealed that the treatment involved getting her butt injections removed.
Yes, you read that correctly: Cardi B’s iconic butt tattooed with a rainbow-hued peacock is now mostly free of butt injections. The rapper, who was born and reared in the Bronx, revealed in the video that 95% of the controversial biopolymers—gel-like implants that may be put into bodily parts like the butt—were removed from her body in August. (It’s important to note that medical professionals have advised against using these: According to Dr. Miray, an Oslo dermatologist, “Biopolymers… may lead to severe discomfort, compromised health, tissue death, and even the death of the patient.”

Cardi B wanted to talk about her experience having it removed since some Bardi Gang members saw that it had grown in size over the previous year and assumed she underwent surgery after giving birth to her son, Wavy. She noted that Wavy’s pregnancy had caused her to gain more weight, which had increased the size of her butt. She then made the decision to have the implants removed.

She had her first butt injections in someone’s basement back in 2014, which is as outrageous (and illegal) as it sounds. It didn’t appear to be an easy remove either. The process was “very wild,” she said in the video. She also cautioned younger followers about the risks of hastily getting butt injections or other surgical alterations without first contacting a doctor. (We’ll repeat it one more: Butt implants can be risky.) All I’m going to say is, “Bitch, don’t fuck do it!” If you’re young, say, 19, 20, or 21, and you’re sometimes too thin and think, “OMG, I don’t have enough fat to put in my ass,” which leads to ass shots.
She emphasised repeatedly how opposed she was to butt shots for anyone, regardless of age. “Don’t ever get your ass shot, girl. They truly annoy me. I wholeheartedly support you if you decide to change the way your body looks, but refrain from getting ass injections. Never in a million years would I suggest them.”

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