Yung Gravy defends Sheri Easterling, the mother of Addison Rae

Addison Rae’s mom, Sheri Easterling, and her new boyfriend, Yung Gravy, went to the MTV Video Music Awards together. During their time together on the red carpet, the couple also did some PDA. Since then, Easterling has become popular, and people on the internet have talked about how Addison Rae, a popular TikTok star, might react to the same thing. Just now, rapper Yung Gravy sent out a tweet to defend Easterling.

The rapper replied to a tweet that said, “We wouldn’t want to be @AddisonRae today because she’s trending with her mom @sherinicolee [eyes emoji] Sheri is causing quite a stir on the internet after going to the @vmas as @yunggravy’s date and showing a lot of PDA on the red carpet,” and included a video of Gravy and Easterling kissing.

In a response to the Twitter account, the rapper Yung Gravy stood up for Sheri, writing, “She just got divorced and is now living her life. Don’t bother her, lol.” The pair’s appearance on the red carpet got a lot of attention, and singer Dionne Warwick recently talked about it. She was confused by the rapper’s stage name, which is Matthew Raymond Hauri.

The father of Addison Rae and the ex-husband of Easterling, Monty Lopez, posted on Instagram about Sheri’s VMAs performance and said that it didn’t bother him. Rae’s family has recently been in the news because her father is said to have been unfaithful. A woman named Renee Ash, who is 25 years old, was in a relationship with Monty. After Addison and her mother did the same thing, they both stopped following him on Instagram.

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