Extinction Rebellion protesters get into the House of Commons chamber in the UK

The Extinction Rebellion said on Twitter on Friday that members of the group glued themselves to the speaker’s chair in the House of Commons debate room.

In the picture, there were five people inside the room holding signs that said “Let the people decide” and “Citizens’ Assembly right away.”

The group also locked themselves to gates outside of parliament and hung a big banner with the same message from scaffolding on the estate.

Right now, the legislature is not meeting.

There was no comment right away from the House of Commons. Even though the debate chamber is usually only open to the public on guided tours, the public can usually get into other parts of the legislative estate.

Extinction Rebellion is a group that protests about climate change by stopping traffic in central London.

They said that the protesters were reciting a speech with the following lines: “There has been a terrible event. We can’t keep going like this.”

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