Learn about sex appeal on the red carpet from Salma Hayek.

Consider these suggestions from the acknowledged expert in va va voom fashion as party season approaches.

Salma Hayek may choose from a variety of high-end labels within the Kering stable, but at the GQ Men of the Year Awards, the star opted for a niche brand to make a statement. The self-proclaimed queen of va va voom style, who formerly admitted it was challenging to dress for red carpet events as an outsider but now obviously enjoys her connections in the business, asked Vivienne Westwood to create a draped corset dress in a rich crimson colour that spelt out vixen.
The FSC-certified satin crepe signalled Salma has her eye on the future of fashion, which is crucial when your husband, François-Henri Pinault, is tasked with leading the charge when it comes to brand accountability. Although the audacious neckline and cinched silhouette are Salma through and through (this is a woman who lived in Versace and Hervé Leger in the late ’90s), it also indicated she has her eye on the current trends. The built-to-order item from Westwood makes a compelling argument for spending money on something unique that you can cherish forever. This pinched confection, which walks the line between delectably sinister and unwaveringly classic, was quite literally built for Hayek.

Hayek, who is constantly eager to try the most cutting-edge conceptual Balenciaga and Gucci designs Pinault brings home from work, praised the merits of adhering to a formula you are familiar with as party season draws near. Remember how the aspiring Mexican actor dressed herself in the beginning? She relied on the same body-positive silhouettes to stand out. Nothing has changed despite the unfathomable age of 56, especially when it comes to her signature accessory: the mischievous smile that shows she is aware of how stunning she still looks. There are two kind of sex appeal: true bombshell sex appeal, which is mastered by those who are completely at ease in their own skin (Salma is after all everyone’s favourite swimsuit influencer), and superficial sex appeal (see: the nude gowns that keep making the fashion rounds). Hayek gave the gift of upbeat fashion in her festive, bow-adorned bustier.

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