Don’t Want My Mom to Kill Me: New “Baby” Tattoo Unveil by Kelsea Ballerini

The body art collection of Kelsea Ballerini is expanding.

In a recent “Ask Me Anything” Instagram story, the country music artist said that she recently received a new tattoo and is worried about what her mother will think if she gets any more.

In the star’s ‘AMA’ box, which is anonymous for viewers, a fan asked, “New tattoos?”

In response, Ballerini “I developed a small wave on my hip. I’ve wanted it since 2016, and I finally accomplished it one day at random. This is my fourth tiny baby tattoo. Almost crave more I kind of hope my mother won’t murder me.”
The musician replied to the question with a picture of a bikini mirror with the tattoo visible in the background. Her green bikini bottoms are just below the waist when the delicate wave is in place.

The actress posed for the camera while letting her blonde hair flow loose, accessorising her beach-ready ensemble with little gold hoops and simple matching rings.

The tiny wave raises Ballerini’s total number of tattoos to four. The singer received her first tattoo the day before her first photo session, which was before her country music career really took off.
In 2021, the actor spoke with Shape “I’ve never shared this story in public before. I fretted the day of my first photo shoot since I wanted a tattoo but hadn’t gotten one yet, “She spoke. “What if this song [“Love Me Like You Mean It”] is successful and I start to gain popularity? I wondered. I suddenly get a tattoo after that. The general public will say, “She’s going off the deep end.””

She got the phrase “How wonderful the sound” tattooed on her left forearm in order to stop people from making that assumption. The “Peter Pan” singer picked a significant tattoo with words from “Amazing Grace,” the first solo she ever sang at church, as the beginning of her ink adventure.

It was simply a method for a young, innocent person to express the idea that “I have to be who I am from the beginning of this,” she continued. “I am unable to adopt the persona that many artists and prominent figures assume. No unpleasant surprises, please. I simply want everything to be public.”

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