“Fear the Deer” is the New Championship Anthem Released by Rapper Romey

Hip-hop has been the most popular genre worldwide for the last several years and it’s produced some classic artists who have truly inspired others. Our readers have told us that they feel like hip-hop has shaped them and motivated them to work hard as well. One of today’s top new rappers is Romey, a musician who recently released his latest song. As many fans already know, “Fear the Deer” has been a huge hit on major streaming platforms this winter.

Romey, who is an entrepreneur and a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks club, spoke about how excited he was to release the song “Fear The Deer” which is dedicated to his favourite club. It’s a championship anthem and it reminds us why we love these players with everything that’s in us.

Romey said that ever since he has started his Hip Hop career, performing in Milwaukee has inspired him. As a native of Madison, he would watch all of the players perform and they used to influence the culture in so many ways that almost every kid always wanted to become like them. He said that with Bucks’ inspiring win against the Phoenix Suns last year, he wanted to drop this anthem as a way to show his support for them forever.

This rapper is one of the most energetic stars we’ve ever seen. He told us he loves taking risks and chasing his dreams, so much that it sometimes feels like work to him when he’s not making music! And whenever he’s not out there making hits and working on new songs or albums, he spends time building businesses. The passion that fuels him is like nothing else we’ve ever seen. Combining talents, skills, and raw energy like this have made him the true superstar. 

If you have listened to the song “Fear The Deer”, you will understand his style and dedication to his craft. Several years ago, he had a recording studio, and people used to call him The Midwest King. 

He was a hip-hop prodigy back in the day and now that he’s blessed us with his new single, we can only hope that he’s gearing up to release another track soon. 

One of the most amazing things about Romey is that he is a perfect blend of a businessman and artist, someone who is both a visionary and executor. He has also built two successful businesses Echelan and GR Credit Solutions both of which have impacted our community tremendously for the better!

You can listen to this new power-packed championship anthem here on Spotify 

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