Jennifer Lopez Debuts New Album, “Dear Ben pt. II,” Featuring Love Songs for Ben Affleck

Jenny’s returned! The singer cleaned up her social media prior to Friday’s big announcement.
Fans of Jennifer Lopez, rejoice! The triple threat has announced that her upcoming album This Is Me will be released in 2023. Friday, November 25 is now. J. Lo, 53, celebrated the release of her first album in six years with a stunning film, showcasing the many changes she has through since the publication of This Is Me in 2002. Then.

The film depicting Jennifer’s evolution from the youthful cover of her debut album to the mega-diva she is now was stunning. The “Let’s Get Loud” singer, who looked utterly millennium-chic in a pink baby doll outfit with a matching hat and icy makeup, started the video crouching down on the cover of her debut album.

When J. Lo glanced up and said to the crowd, “This is me then,” the album cover came to life. Then, the image changed to the present and featured a sculpted Jennifer, 53, against a gloomy background. As the tune from her title track played in the background, she presented herself wearing a white corset, a leather jacket, and low-slung slacks, saying, “This is me now.”
For Mrs. Ben Affleck, the record represents a turning point in her career. According to a press announcement about the upcoming album, This Is Me… Now “chronicles the emotional, spiritual and psychological journey that she has undergone over the previous two decades.”
When the star’s social media accounts went offline earlier in the week, fans had a sneaking suspicion that something was up. They may now anticipate 13 new songs from the beauty.

Fans were raving about the video, but their interest was also aroused when they spotted the song at number seven on the tracklist, “Dear Ben pt. ll,” a continuation of a song from her debut. When Jennifer recorded her 2002 album, they were still just young lovers. The pair is finally married and enjoying their best life together after 20 years.

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