There will be more than 100 heads of state at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

More than 100 kings, queens, and heads of state are expected to attend the state funeral for Queen Elizabeth II on Monday in London.
Every country that the UK has diplomatic ties with except Russia, Belarus, and Myanmar got an invitation.

Preparations for the funeral, which will be attended by the most people in Britain since Sir Winston Churchill’s funeral, involve a logistical and diplomatic operation that has never been done before.

The funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey, and leaders from all over the world will take a bus there together.

The event will let US Vice President Joe Biden drive himself there.

Westminster Abbey is a mediaeval church in the middle of London that has room for 2,000 people to sit. In 1947, this is where the Queen and Prince Philip got married.

People will be able to pay their respects before the funeral in Westminster Hall, where the Queen will lie in state from September 14 to September 19.

Tens of thousands of people are expected to travel to London on Monday to say goodbye to their Queen of the past 70 years. This makes it hard for security officials to plan for the event.

A source from the Met police told NDTV that people who want to pay their respects before the funeral are likely to have to wait a long time. “The large crowds of people who are expected to show up will make it hard to keep order. Because of the crowds, mobile networks may be interrupted in some parts of London, but rules will be followed.”

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