UK Declares $1 Billion In Military Assistance To Ukraine

UK Declares $1 Billion In Military Assistance To Ukraine
UK Declares $1 Billion In Military Assistance To Ukraine

On Wednesday, the United Kingdom promised to give Ukraine an extra one billion pounds ($1.2 billion) in military aid to help the country fight off an invasion by Russia. As part of this help, air defence systems and drones will be sent.
A statement from Downing Street says that the extra money will bring the total amount of British military aid to Kyiv since the conflict started at the end of February to £2.3 billion.

According to the report, the package includes “advanced air-defense systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, revolutionary new electronic warfare equipment, and thousands of other important pieces of equipment for Ukrainian soldiers.” This will be a “first step” that will allow the Ukraine to stop its “valiant defence” and start “mounting offensive operations” to take back land.

Vladimir Putin’s actions against Ukraine are becoming “increasingly savage,” according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. This is because Putin isn’t getting the victories he had planned and hoped for, and because everyone can see that this war is pointless. He was quoted in the statement as saying that the United Kingdom’s weapons, equipment, and training are changing how Ukraine defends itself against this attack.

The statement added, “And we will keep supporting the Ukrainian people at every turn to ensure Putin fails in Ukraine. As a direct response to Russia’s invasion, the UK was one of the first countries to send anti-tank missiles to Ukraine as a form of lethal military aid. It has also helped train soldiers from the Ukraine.

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