As the deputy whip resigns, the UK government faces a new boozy problem.

As the deputy whip resigns, the UK government faces a new boozy problem.
As the deputy whip resigns, the UK government faces a new boozy problem.

This week, the deputy chief whip quit his job after an incident involving alcohol. This is the latest alcohol-related scandal for the British government, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing calls on Friday to be kicked out of the Conservative Party.

Chris Pincher sent a letter of resignation to Johnson on Thursday. The letter said that he would no longer be in charge of making sure Conservative members of Parliament follow party rules.

Pincher said in his letter that on Wednesday night he had “far too much to drink.” You said, “I’ve embarrassed myself and other people, which is the last thing I want to do. I’m sorry to you and anyone else who is worried about me.” “Both I and other people have made a fool of ourselves.” But he said he would keep being an MP for the Conservative party and would keep supporting Johnson from the back benches of Parliament.

Other scandals, like “partygate,” have added to Johnson’s problems, and a Conservative politician quit because he watched pornographic videos on his phone while in the House of Commons. Pincher’s decision to quit as deputy chief whip added to Johnson’s problems, which have included “partygate” and other scandals.

Johnson had just come back from the Group of Seven and NATO summits, and he had just won a vote of no confidence. He was hoping to put those humiliations and two recent byelection losses behind him.

The British tabloid The Sun said that Pincher touched two men in an inappropriate way while working for the Conservative Party at a private members club in London on Wednesday night. This was the second time Pincher had quit a job in the administration. In November 2017, he quit his job as a junior whip in the Conservative Party after he was accused of making an unwanted move on Alex Story, a former Olympic rower who was running for the party.

Still, Theresa May, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, put Mr. Pincher in charge of the government as the Deputy Chief Whip in 2018. After Johnson became prime minister in July 2019, Pincher was first put in a junior ministerial position at the Foreign Office before being moved to the government whips office.

The opposition party in Britain, the Labour Party, said that Johnson’s government needed to explain why Pincher was given the job in the first place.

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, was quoted as saying, “This latest example shows how much standards in public life have dropped under Boris Johnson’s watch.” Right now, the Conservative Party is so caught up in slime and controversy that it can’t do anything about the problems that the British people are facing.

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