At least 10 people are stuck in a building that fell down in Jordan.

On Wednesday, rescuers were looking for ten people in the building that fell in the Jordanian capital, where five confirmed deaths have been reported so far.

At least 25 people were inside an old apartment building in Amman that fell down on Tuesday.

When government spokesman Faisal Shboul went to the scene in the Webdeh neighbourhood, he said, “There are at least 10 people under the rubble, and there are signs of life.”

Civil defence workers worked all night to lift debris and remove fallen concrete roofs as they desperately looked for people who might still be alive. So far, about a dozen patients have been taken out of the hospital, and some of them had very serious injuries.

The state of disrepair of the building was blamed for the accident, and Prime Minister Bisher al Khasawneh asked for an investigation to be done.

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