Matt Youl aka ‘theyoul’ inks the perfect tattoo that impresses all. - UK Reporter

Matt Youl aka ‘theyoul’ inks the perfect tattoo that impresses all.

His work has been widely appreciated and him winning accolades is enough proof of it.

The demand for unique and out of the world looking tattoos is skyrocketing with each passing day. That’s the reason many individuals have jumped into this space to make their careers which looks promising as many across the globe are indulging in this form of art. Tattoo artists like Matt Youl aka ‘theyoul’ have established a strong foothold in this ever-growing industry within a short time of stepping in. He has carved his own niche in this high profile sector which connects him to many distinct personalities, including celebrities like television and movie stars, sports figures and many more known names.

He says that the demand for inking bodies has changed drastically over the past few years, as earlier there used to be a strong stigma surrounding tattoos as many were of the opinion that engraving permanent marks on their bodies was not a good sign as they associated it with something dark. However, the outlook changed over the years and tattoos are now looked upon as a kind of artwork which is even admired by many to a great extent. Earlier people used to tattoo around areas which were not visible under clothes, but now things have evolved and one can find people getting inked even on their heads.

This 40-year-old artist from the UK has specialised in neotraditional tattoos, especially colour portraits of pop culture characters. When asked about how he was drawn towards this craft, Matt says, “as a youngster I was highly impressed by these inked artwork on people’s bodies, which further drew more interest in getting this art known in detail. My friendship with Dawnii Fantana who tattooed me gave me in-depth knowledge about the industry which further grew my interest towards the craft. I finally stepped into this zone in 2011, later joining painted lady tattoo parlour in 2012 to enhance my knowledge further.”

Within no time he was working with some of the best tattoo artists from the UK including Dawnii Fantana, Andrew John smith, Daryl Watson and Nick Imms, learning in-depth about the craft. Eventually, he grasped the art to its core and managed to establish himself well into the industry. His work has been duly recognised today, with him even winning the ‘best newcomer’ award at the Halloween tattoo bash held in Wolverhampton in 2015. Presently, he works from Birmingham, UK and plans to spread his wings further by establishing his brand across continents.

To know more, follow his Instagram: @Theyoul.

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