JR Michael's swift rise as a business and creative soul has turned heads. - UK Reporter

JR Michael’s swift rise as a business and creative soul has turned heads.

He has achieved massive success as a scriptwriter and now is making headlines as a sneaker brand owner.

The way a few industries have grown over the years can be attributed to numerous factors, but no one can deny the efforts that driven, and high-performing individuals and professionals make across fields that go ahead in gaining them the success they desire and, along the way, garner immense growth for their chosen fields. Most of the industries that we see today that have attained incredible development and success are because of the unending efforts, hard work, and resilience of creative and astute minds. We couldn’t help but notice the rise of one such driven professional, a scriptwriter, filmmaker, and now a sneaker brand owner; he is JR Michael.

Who is JR Michael, you wonder? Well, he was born on 27th June 1982 and since his growing up years, felt a close inclination towards all things creative and artistic. Little did he know that life would present him with amazing opportunities to prove his mettle in the entertainment world and also give him wings to fly in the world of business. He studied at the New York Institute of Technology in 2005 and then attended workshops at Scott Power’s Studio in 2006, only to write his first-ever script in 2007 and starting his career as a featured extra in movies like I am Legend, Syriana, Fighting, and Law and Order. Since 2007, this passionate being has continued writing scripts, out of which he has sold many. He even wrote for a TV program, Power of Six, a spinoff of a movie web series Touch. He began filming the movie Touch in 2008 and, in 2007, had even teamed up with a few people from school to make the independent film Vengeance is Mine. The film was nominated as the Best Short of the year in 2008.

This high-performing man decided to work around another passion of his, which was shoes and sneakers, and that’s how he launched his brand “BS Sneakers” (https://www.aliveshoes.com/bloody-sneaker-collection). It is an Italian handcrafted brand made with pristine leather by Italian craftsmen. The cutting-edge designs and incredible customization options have made it a favourite of almost all.

JR Michael has proved his mettle in business and in the entertainment field with his perseverance, courage, and pure skill.

You Can Follow him on Instagram @jr_michael27

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