Much Anticipated Book BE… Brought Three Successful Businesswomen Together, and The Result Is Life-Changing

Three female thought-leaders have collaborated to write this summer’s most anticipated book. With powerful gems on every page, female entrepreneurs will be challenged and inspired. The results will be transformative.

Speaking to the three authors of BE… from Passion and Purpose to Products and Prosperity, you quickly realize this is not a typical business book. It’s a shared vision uniquely co-authored by three accomplished women written as a labor of love from combined decades of professional experiences and their entrepreneurial journeys. In their first book together, Ashley Black, Korie Minkus, and Lisa Vrancken weave holistic principles of self-discovery with proven business philosophies and product-to-market systems. 

The authors featured on ‘The Today Show,’ ‘CNBC’s The Profit,’ ‘Extra,’ ‘Forbes,’ and more have generated billions in revenue, launched hundreds of products, and scaled well-recognized brands. The book is written by number one bestselling author and 2020 ABA Entrepreneur, Ashley Black; leading growth expert, business consultant, international speaker training in thirty-two countries and CEO of Rock Your Product®, Korie Minkus; and award-winning television producer, number one bestselling author, speaker, and global marketing and brand expert Lisa Vrancken

“After experiencing the inner and outer shifts caused by setting this book into motion, the three of us came together with all the blood, sweat, and tears from years of being engaged in the dynamic world of products. It’s a collaborative synergy of wisdom from our journeys to success, paired with stories from women who courageously overcame personal and professional challenges in life and business,” say the authors.

“Our book is about the collaboration of impact and mission-driven women,” says Minkus. “Leaning into and understanding the value of sharing information through collaboration and partnerships is a proven game-changing strategy for business growth. The support, wisdom, acceptance, intuition, and discovery you can learn from other supporters, like-minded leaders, and meaningful cooperation allows for expedited business scale. Collaboration is an innate skill, and we unleash the power of this significant business skill in the book. It’s a commonality shared among winning, fast-paced growth-minded entrepreneurs.” 

Black is also passionate about female entrepreneurs and, in the book, shares the business philosophies that have shaped her success. Creator of the revolutionary Fascia Blaster, Black is often compared to Spanx founder Sara Blakely and is set to be one of the next female billionaires in the USA. “The whole quintessential idea of the book is that you already have everything you need to be a successful entrepreneur inside of you,” says Black in a recent interview. “It is all about wiping away limiting beliefs – things we have carried and negative self-talk. It’s about shedding all of that to be exactly who you are.”

“There are plenty of books written by men for men in business, so we wanted to focus on women and how to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy to live a life of passion and purpose. Our book is a celebration of the multitude of energies we carry inside ourselves. It’s a call to reconnect with our collective humanity because we’ve forgotten our roots. The time has come for women to take our proper place and lovingly hold space as we learn and grow together.  We believe this is our rite of passage. Our mission for the book and the BE…Movement is to cast a stone and create ripples so all women can rise,” explains Vrancken.

In their book, the authors call on women to live a life of action. The book is a journey of self-exploration. “We hope readers will feel like they’re entering a new space, a new realm, a new room of expanding strengths, supporting growth, and empowering outcomes” says Minkus. “We believe this book will encourage a flow of energy and encourage entrepreneurs to ‘get off their island’ and experience a richness in the BE… community”. says Vrancken. “We grant the openness of our readers to experience a metamorphosis and quantum raising in vibration. Let every woman radiate passion, purpose, product, and prosperity,” says Black.  

BE… is a candid telling of personal stories, a fiery cauldron of inspirations, a guide to engaging, transformational activities, and a clear-cut formula to illuminate a path to the entrepreneurial life you have always envisioned. To order a copy of this fantastic book, that drops June 28, 2022, simply hop onto Amazon.

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