Success Is Never Accidental

Meet the talented multitasker, Ras Au-t Amam, born and raised in Washington DC, USA. He is an executive producer, UX desinger and comedian too. With his passion, believe and self caliber he decided to work in these fields as his prime occupation. He have degrees in marketing, television production, web design and new media but still got rejected every time while finding the corporate job from the system. After persuading his masters degree, he set out his mind to earn for living by doing different things so he tried his fortune in street wear like tees or hoodies and succeeded over there. He was already working as an executive producer for a production house, after which he decided to opt for the digital marketing industry. As well we all know that digital marketing is a major boon to the business industry in today’s world. That’s what make him decide to be a part of digital marketing industry too. Despite of all these things, he’s also a very good comedian.

Today he’s having his own company that manufacture tees, hoodies and so on. His company is having a great customers all over the world. His organisation is one stop solution for your dressing styles and it is worth your time as well as value to your wardrobe.

He (Ras Au-t) said that there are no specific education required to be an executive producer, comedian, or digital marketer. It’s all about mindset, how much you’re eager to learn new things. He’s truly a strong believer in freedom of religion and speak truly in advocacy of overlooked people and their culture. The biggest lesson he learnt in his life to do your own thing and never to interfere in someone else’s life. His desire is to extend the reach of document effect that the hip-hop community has had on the world by making positive cash flow of his enterprise to assist in spreading the good work for the hip-hop industry.

To know more about him, you can find and follow him on his social media (Instagram) account : @inde_genius

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