Kim Kardashian, who recently parted ways with Pete Davidson, said she isn’t yet ready to date.

Kim Kardashian recently went on Live with Kelly and Ryan and talked about her dating life. She talked about why she is single and not ready to date. Kardashian just broke up with Pete Davidson after nine months together. She joked that she is “absolutely no one” right now and is happy to be single.

Kim and Pete’s short relationship, which began when they met on the set of Saturday Night Live, ended in August of this year. Kim was recently quoted as saying that she would love to date someone who didn’t work in show business, like a scientist, lawyer, or someone else. But in her recent conversation with Kelly and Ryan, she said that “a bunch” of men in those jobs had “reached out,” but she admitted that she is “just not ready.”

“I’m not looking for anything,” Kim said next when she talked about her love life. I think that all I really need is some time alone to think, do my work, and pay attention to my kids. Kanye West’s ex-wife and the founder of SKIMS had four kids with him.

Kim has talked about Davidson after their breakup and called him a “cutie” and insisted that he is a “nice person.” Reports say that the couple broke up because they were dating long distance and had busy work schedules. Even while they were together, Pete got a lot of tattoos of Kim and her children.

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