Citrine – November Birthstone explained by top gemologist in Canada, Jinagna Shah

November Birthstone explained by top gemologist in Canada, Jinagna Shah

The official birthstone for the month is Citrine, it has been sharing the mistaken identity with other November birthstone, which is Topaz. Although both are yellow gemstones that bring forth warmness, joy and happiness. Citrine has been referred to as ‘sun stone’ and believed to have capabilities to hold sunlight. And due to its gold-like color and properties associated to success, the gemstone became to be known as Merchant’s stone. Until the year 1556, the gemstone was known as Yellow Quartz and later came to be known as Citrine. The word Citrine derives from Latin word ‘Citrina’ which translates to Yellow. Alternatively, the derivation of the word ‘Citron’ also lies in the French dictionary which betokens lemon.


Citrine is a transparent, pale yellow to brownish orange variety of Quartz family. Considered as a prominent symbol of integrity, pellucidity and health. The stone is verbalized to qualify a 7 on 10 on the Mohs scale for hardness which makes the stone durable.


Natural Citrine is infrequent and consequent. Citrine gets its color from traces of hydrous iron, depending on which the gemstone’s hues ranges. From saturated yellow to reddish orange which has free form of brownish tints, are all prized in Citrine. Citrine is most commonly found in colors in various spectrum of lemon yellow to golden brown. Whereas, Brownish-Reddish is considered as the most popular shade.


Gemstone commonly associated with tremendous reviving and recharging energy. This precious stone is known to stimulate and reinforce the astute part of the encephalon, to help clear brain fog. The stone is verbalized to have a perspective in life, as the stone is said to have strong power to promote motivation, activate puissance of ingenuity and self-expression. Which intensifies concentration and additionally revitalizes the mind in general. It combats a person’s guard towards negative traits of melancholy, fears and phobias of any kind.

Fun Fact

Natural Citrine are rare, most Citrines found in the market are result of heat-treated Amethysts. Which transmute the color from undesirable pale violet to captivating Citrine-like yellow. Distinguishing between fake or heated amethyst, depends on the color which tends to be burnt orange or brownish.


Citrine is one of the most eminent precious stone in the gem world. As discussed earlier, the stone possess the potency of the sun and has immense energy that brings good fortune and also wealth of health. It is a preferred gift for the 13th anniversary. This premium stone is popularly known for its manifested power of imagination and helps in increasing will power and convert negative energy to a positive one.

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