444RORO (triple4roro) is definitely one to watch. - UK Reporter

444RORO (triple4roro) is definitely one to watch.

Meet 444Roro (@triple4roro), a UK based musical artist who has grossed a numerous amount of streams on all platforms. He constructed his first song about a year ago and since then it has been a swift climb. With NO label, NO manager, and NO distribution deal or signed contracts 444Roro has still been able to amass thousands of streams as an independent artist. He serves as motivation for the underground rap community as well as an extremely talented young artist that you should keep your eye on. I look forward to watching his growth and success in the months to come!

444Roro, a 16-year-old rapper from overseas in the UK is creating a buzz. With his age and versatility he is bound to continue dropping more hits!

Being a musician may seem easy but it’s not, everyday putting in work and writing more songs, he always is bringing a magnetic vibe that surrounds him as he does his work. Every day, thousands of people find and check his music out, and a lot of people enjoy it. Consistency is a huge factor in the music industry, and without a doubt, 444Roro will be dropping consistently after a huge success on latest track with for sure has gave the young artist motivation to keep dropping.

His latest song “T” is doing really well right now, gaining thousands of streams a day, soon we’ll be seeing this new song hitting 100 thousand streams in just over one month, eventually 100 thousand streams, and even a million streams, but soon, that million will become a regular achievement for him. 444Roro says he has only promoted the track twice on his social media accounts as it was a song that he wouldn’t usually drop as it was something “different” but somehow has managed to do well featuring on Spotify Playlists and also 500 other playlists from his listeners.

We are definitely rooting for him and we expect huge things to come for him, based on how he has been performing the past couple of months, gaining tens of thousands of streams per month, especially at this age.

Keep an eye on 444Roro. I am looking forward to his next moves and his journey to the mainstream.

His Instagram: https://instagram.com/triple4roro?utm_medium=copy_link

His Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4Gt2BfhmZnGGDjYnimU8ZH?si=KWFhXTr_QuK1MZELsbHGIg


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