From being a music marketer to becoming a musician with his record label ZZED Music, Manish Singh has come a long way.

“In The Sky” is his latest single, which has already earned him a colossal number of fans and followers.

A big shoutout to all those people who have always given their best in their chosen industries and fields. Along the path, many even gave up halfway, but the ones who still kept walking their path explored new things, learned something new each day are the ones that broke the norms and created a unique success story for themselves. We saw a young talent as a fitting example for the same; he is Manish Singh, one of the youngest self-made millionaires as a digitalpreneur, but the one who has started his new innings in music as a musician.

“For me starting this new journey had surrounded me with many doubts and inhibitions, but then, I remembered how I had started my journey as a professional music marketer and gathered the courage to start my journey as a musician as well,” says the young Indian musical talent.

People are already going gaga over his melodious voice and are waiting for him to create more tracks that they could listen to all day. His innate skills in singing and even songwriting have given him incredible success already, with his latest single titled “In The Sky” released in 2021 ( He recalls how as a youngster, he had begun his journey in music as a music marketer and now, in just a few short years, has attained extensive knowledge and learned the ins and outs of the music scene.

Promoting the work of others, Manish Singh knew he was made for something bigger and better. Realizing how passionate he felt for music, he made the decision to transform his life from being a music marketer to becoming the musician he is with his record label called ZZED Music.

Even in the past, Manish Singh had shone brighter with all his business ventures and today radiates more energy and passion for becoming a musician and ticking off another box in the list of his dreams.

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