Meet Legendarykeyzz, Man Who has Produced Your Favourite Rap Songs

Manchester is one of the most underrated cities for musicians in the UK. The musical talent available is vast and talented, especially when it comes to Hip Hop artists. Some of the greatest Hip Hop artists around have their roots in Manchester or are from the surrounding areas like Cheshire, Bolton, or Blackburn. Some of them have been successful enough to take over the UK Hip Hop scene. Rappers and Music producers from Manchester are making it big. One such producer is Saif Khan aka legendary Keyzz who has been dropping major hits for a while now.

Keyzz’s musical pursuits began when he was 16 years old and grew up finding solace in the sounds of different genres such as pop, folk, rock and but he found his love in hip-hop. His time spent in the Manchester Hip Hop scene has led him to major collaborations with great artists such as Fivio Foreign, Roddy Ricch, The Game, Soulja Boy and more. He’s also working on multiple projects currently with Joe Young, Massaka, Snoop Dogg & Tyga!

Legendarykeyz has been on tour across the UK with some of the hottest rappers such as Jay Critch, Smoke Purpp, and DonQ to name a few. He has also been working with artists from all over the world.
Keyzz said that he is collaborating with some of the most popular artists from Turkey, Germany, and the USA. His plan is to work with artists across the globe. Keyzz is well on his way to becoming a true musical globetrotter.
Keyzz has been making a name for himself in the music industry by working hard behind the scenes of some popular individual songs produced in the United States. Examples include “Daily Puppy” by Tunde and “Around The World” by Roddy Rich. These tracks have caught attention due to their fusion of American and British elements, which comes as little surprise given Keyzz is a well-known producer who has been working on major record label material since 2015. He has formed important professional relationships with other foreign artists thanks to his work ethic, including Fivio Foreign, Soulja Boy, Famous Dex, Smokepurpp and Jay Critch.
The 23-year old producer already has achieved so much and he is aiming for more this year. When it comes to being a great Hip Hop producer, the most important part is being able to produce a variety of beats with an ear for music that compliments the artist’s voice. Legendary Keyzz has perfected this craft and we’re all looking forward to hearing even more of his work!
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