Recorded kaizer chiefs frontman Ricky Wilson’s ‘cringe’ World cup anthem with Freddie flintoff.

Former cricket player Freddie Flintoff and Kaiser Chiefs vocalist Ricky Wilson collaborated on a version of Boney M’s Rasputin in 2018.

We decided it was time to remind football fans across the world of the England football anthem that has garnered the least support in history since the World Cup has arrived.

Sadly, we must poke fun at Kaiser Chiefs vocalist Ricky Wilson on behalf of Leeds and one of the city’s favourite bands. In 2018, Ricky, 44, and Freddie Flintoff (of course…) collaborated to create a rendition of Boney M’s Rasputin that was dedicated to captain Harry Kane.

The anthem’s lyrics, which were made public in time for the World Cup in Russia, were as follows: “Ra ra Raspu-teen, Harry Kane is England’s goal scoring machine and he’s going to score. Rasputin, the captain of the England squad, is travelling to Russia to impose order.”
The song was made public in association with a sports betting business. Freddie stated at the time: “This summer’s football anthem is the ideal pick. The only questionable aspect of it is that I’m in it. It’s Russian, it has all the noises, and it has all the dances. It would be good to imagine that the supporters in the stadiums in Russia will support this song and sing it, as there have been some excellent World Cup songs in the past. Ricky and I will just have to jet over there and start things off on the terraces ourselves if they don’t.”

Ricky continued: “Rasputin has a fantastic chorus. Imagine a gathering of football supporters chanting the song on the terraces as a test for any song. It was successful with the Kaisers anthem Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, and is currently successful with Ra Ra Rasputin. Another R follows: Riot, Ruby, Rasputin.”

We speculate that the duo may now admit that the song isn’t quite as iconic as Three Lions or World in Motion as England World Cup anthems.

It is accurate to state that the song did not gain a legion of admirers, and it is unlikely that fans would play it frequently throughout this winter’s tournament. Many people voiced their opinions over the track’s decision to give it the red card on Twitter.

Freddie Flintoff and Ricky Wilson have already wrecked the World Cup before it has even begun, according to a tweet from @Goffi. I’d rather hear the vuvuzelas! Freddie Flintoff and Ricky Wilson performing Rasputin will likely be disclosed as a Taskmaster component, said @mrjohnkirby. Make the most embarrassing thing is the assignment.

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