Revisiting Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces on his birthday in 2022

Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa

The 15th of April is designated as ‘World Art Day,’ in recognition of the memory and work of Leonardo Da Vinci, the greatest artist of all time, who is credited with creating the Mona Lisa. It marks the anniversary of his birth.

The General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) designated April 15 as World Art Day in 2012 to commemorate and encourage various known and unsung art and artists. Through his art, Leonardo da Vinci established himself as a figure of peace and harmony.

On the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s birth, here is a list of some of his most famous works.

The Mona Lisa is a famous painting.
There can’t be a mention of Leonardo da Vinci without mentioning the Mona Lisa. It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that two things complement, or rather complete, each other’s existence. Several mysteries and tales continue to surround the Mona Lisa, but it is still considered to be one of the greatest pieces of art created by Leonardo da Vinci.

The Mona Lisa is renowned for the stunning precision of its colours and blend, which makes it nearly impossible for a viewer to tell if it was painted with a brush or with a palette knife.

The Vitruvian Man is a fictional character created by the author Vitruvian Man
According to critics, Leonardo da Vinci’s The Vitruvian Man is unquestionably one of his most well-known works. Its proportions are considered to be optimal for the human body.

The works of Vitruvius served as the inspiration for the picture. In this painting, Vinci arranges the human body in a circle and a square, with the navel and genitals at the centre, and then begins to assemble the body. It is claimed that the Milanese duke Ludovico Sforza, who commissioned this painting in the 15th century, was responsible for elevating Vinci to the status of one of the world’s finest artists.

The Last Supper is a painting that represents the Last Supper of Jesus Christ. The construction of this structure began in 1495 and was completed in 1498.

The Last Supper is renowned for employing an innovative approach for a fresco of the time, namely the application of dried paint on various preliminary layers that were typically kept wet. This technique has compromised the work, which has been restored numerous times over the years.

La Vierge aux rochers is a religious figure in France.
The Virgin of the Rocks is a sculpture that was created between 1483 and 1508, and it depicts the meeting between Jesus of Nazareth and John the Baptist.

However, only the first version, which is on display at the Louvre, can be positively attributed to Leonardo da Vinci. This painting was created in two different versions: one between 1483 and 1486 and another between 1491 and 1508, the first dating from 1483 and the second from 1491 to 1508, and the second dating from 1491 to 1508.

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