Rishi Sunak is losing the race for UK prime minister and is 32 points behind Liz Truss

Liz Truss

In the most recent poll of Conservative Party members in the UK, done by the website ConservativeHome, Liz Truss was 32 points ahead of Rishi Sunak, showing that she is still in the lead to replace Boris Johnson as prime minister.

On Wednesday, the influential website ConservativeHome said that 61% of the 961 Conservative Party members they polled wanted Truss to lead the party going forward, while only 28% wanted Sunak to do so. In the most recent ConservativeHome poll of Conservatives, which was done on August 4, Truss also had a 32-point lead.

Since there were only two candidates left in the race last month, Truss has always had a big lead over Sunak in polls and surveys. Truss is the clear favourite to replace Sunak as the next leader of the party and the country, since Sunak isn’t making any progress in that area. The winner will take over from Johnson the day after the decision is made, on September 6.

ConservativeHome says that only 9% of those polled are still not sure. 60% of people said they had already voted, while 40% said they hadn’t. Even though polling Conservative members is notoriously hard, the results of Conservative Home polls have often been similar to those of YouGov polls.

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